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U.S. NSW DEVGRU - Gold Squadron

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SEAL Team SIX, is the U.S. Navy's main counterterrorist unit, where operatives are drawn from the current SEAL ranks. The unit was created as part of the Joint Special Operations Command in 1980. The origin of SIX can be traced to the aftermath of the failed 1980 attempt to rescue American hostages at the Iranian Embassy (Operation Eagle Claw). Prior to this, the existing SEAL teams had already begun CT training, including all 12 platoons in SEAL Team One on the West Coast. On the East Coast, however, elements of the SEAL Team Two had taken the issue one step farther. They formed a dedicated two-platoon group known as "MOB Six" (Mobility Six) in anticipation of a maritime scenario requiring a CT response and had begun training to that end. Six was formally created in October 1980, and an accelerated training program made the unit mission-ready just six months later. At the time, only two SEAL Teams were in existence; popular knowledge backed up by actual SEAL claims say that the name was chosen to confuse Soviet intelligence as to the number of SEAL Teams in operation. It became officially operational in 1981.In 1987, the unit was given the official title of 'Naval Special Warfare Development Group' (NAVSPECWARDEVGRU, or simply DEVGRU). Reasons for the name change are varied, ranging from operational security, the team's reputation, all the way down to charges leveled at Six founder and now-public figure Richard Marcinko. Whatever the truth behind these, the name "SEAL Team Six" is no longer in use, although most military servicemen and many civilians still recognize them as SEAL Team Six.DEVGRU's mission is to provide intelligence and counter-terrorism services for the Dept of the Navy and the overall U.S. Special Operations Command, in addition to providing management for the development and testing of technologies under consideration for use by Naval Special Warfare forces such as SEALs. By these aformentioned responsibilities, it is obvious to say here that ST6 is the Maritime (Naval) equivalent of the Army's elite Delta Force. In fact, both units train together from time to time as well as deploy together when the need arrises. The unit is currently based out of Dam Neck, Virginia and administrative control is under Naval Special Warfare Command.An executive order by President Clinton added DEVGRU to those units excepted from the contents of Title 5, Section 7103 of the US Code.


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